The Hortus 


This project was a proposal for the new train station Amsterdam Zuid. We had to design  a new station, who would combine a botanical garden, the train station and the RING of Amsterdam, as the Hortus Botanical Park was going to close. We decided to create a walking park on top of the existing train station, and connect this park with all the building around to bring the nature in the center of the working area.
Inside the station you could find all the shop you want, surrounded by glass greenhouses with exotic plants. The all circulation paths were designed to resemble  the way plants are growing. Even the project hasn't won the competition, we appreciated the teamwork we had and all the experiences we lived together.


Partners :

Varsakis Stéphanie
Rosello Cristina
Mayer Morag
Vuksic Jana








                              video credits: http://www.digitalamigos.net/